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Please consider joining the Houston Symphony League - Bay Area.  Just complete the Membership Form and mail it in or call 713-­724-4961.

HSLBA 2016-2017 Executive Board

 Mary Voigt
 President Elect   Martha McWilliams
 Finance Vice President  Patience Myers
 Membership Vice President   Karen Akkerman
 Programs Vice President  Carol Wilson
 Education Vice President  Nina McGlashan
 Communications Vice President       James Moore
 Development Vice President       Vicki Buxton
 Recording Secretary  Jane Lackow
 Corresponding Secretary  Alice Steele
 Nominations Chair  Dana Puddy
 Parliamentarian   Glenda Toole
 Historian  Yvonne Herring
 Houston Symphony Liaison   Vickie Hamley 


 Finance   Patience Myers
 Development   Vicki Buxton
 Home Tour   Martha McWilliams
 Membership   Karen Akkerman
 Nominations   Dana Puddy
 Programs    Carol Wilson
 Education   Nina McGlashan
 Communications   Jim Moore
 Historian   Yvonne Herring
 Special Events   Carole Murphy
 Transportation   Jim Moore
 Symphony Organization Liaison   Martha McWilliams

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